21 February 2011

[New] Aero Orange (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

This is one of those products that fits into the “Its back” category. Things that were available years ago, that the great British public have enough nostalgia for that eventually the company decide to bring it back. Think Wispa, Arctic Roll etc.
This Aero Orange smells lovely and sweet when you open the wrapper, and there is a lovely fresh zesty scent from the orange. Breaking the bar in half I was pleased to see the bright orange bubbles within, there is something nice about the bright colour, particularly as the packaging proudly states “no artificial colours of flavours”.
I know that the Aero texture isn’t to everyone’s taste, but its soft bubbles just gives when bitten and are rather pleasant to me. Admittedly I’m not sure how the chocolate would hold out as a solid bar, but as an aerated one it works really well.
The bar is very sweet but full of a wonderfully strong and fruity orange flavour that just works. It is such a lovely zesty treat, and all that flavour is lovely and natural. The orange does over power the chocolate a little, but the tangy taste melts in the mouth and the lesser chocolate kick seems well balanced if you are after a fruity hit. It’s a simple but fab bar, and I would officially like to welcome it back to its deserved place on shop shelves.
By Cinabar

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