18 February 2011

Penguin Caramel Wafer (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

The wafer variety of Penguin has obviously been selling well because McVities is expanding the range with a caramel variant (insert moan here about caramel being a bit of a safe option for companies).
As ever the Penguins are individually packed, each with a joke on the wrapper in order to bring a smile with your sugar fix. I like the fact they are individually wrapped as it means I can tuck one away in my lunch box quite easily and save it for an afternoon treat at work.
I unpacked the Penguin bar taking it out of its wrapper, and deliberately breaking it in half. I was a little disappointed to discover that there wasn’t any notable runny caramel oozing out of the bar.

All that could be seen was a smidgen of caramel between the wafers, and you had to look rather closely to find that! I bit in and the caramel flavour was clear enough to the taste buds, even if it hadn’t been visible. It was a pleasant buttery sweet flavour that worked well with the wafers and milky chocolate. The caramel was also present in the texture, adding a slight chewiness to the bar that made it feel just a little bit more substantial as you tucked into its crisp layers.
Although not an adventurous flavour this Penguin Caramel Wafer does do what it says on the pack, and make and enjoyable treat, especially with an afternoon coffee.
By Cinabar


Anne said...

Mmm, intersting that looks a lot like Tunnock's Caramel Wafer! How does this version compare to Tunnock's?

cinabar said...

My money has to go on Tunnocks - if only coz they have a stickier caramel and remind me of uni days.