17 February 2011

Doves Farm Organic Gluten Free Pasta (Sainsbury's) [by @NLi10]

I do love tricolore pasta, as it adds a variety to the flavour and makes dinner a bit more special. I spotted this in the gluten-free aisle (which gets larger every week) and being a die hard pastafarian and a gluten for punishment (ha) I decided to give it a whirl.

This isn't really pasta - it says it is but it isn't. This is made with rice and has a texture more akin to that of the wholemeal varieties of pasta that no-one buys a second time because it just crumbles. The texture of this isn't actually bad though, and while it lacks the 'bite' of pasta it's grainy feel didn't put me off. It's kind of odd that this doesn't have the texture of rice noodles which are a little slimy but nice, it's a well made product really.

The bag is small. 250g of Pasta is three portions. If you are sharing that means you get to have this twice before you need to buy more and it's not that cheap. That said as a treat or for a dinner party it's a nice unexpected surprise to have a pasta that is much lighter than typically found. I found it filling, but not that heavy on the stomach - heck I could probably eat 125g of this as a nice lunch with a sauce.

The fact that this is a 'special diet' product and quite enjoyable is another pleasant surprise - I think the supermarkets (Sainsbury's especially) are figuring out that actually if they only stock good varieties of the special diet foods then your potential customer base is much higher. This can only be a good thing.

In short - if you like pasta and don't like wheat, or just fancy a lighter alternative then go for this - it's actually quite nice.
by NLi10

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