9 January 2011

Seaweed Jiggy Jerky Jelly - FYI (Feeding Your Imagination) [by @NLi10]

Some things look like they are designed to be eaten, other things look destined to gather dust in cupboards. Having been sent this a while back in one of @cinabar's food parcels I put it to one side so that I could find the perfect occasion to start eating it. That occasion never came.

The label says that it's spicy, and has a mix of flavours and goes perfect with cold meats so I decided that I would be brave and open it up during leftovers season. Having a full read of the label I assured myself that there were no ingredients in it that I didn't like (despite it being called a seaside sauce there is no fish in it as I'd originally feared) - put the smallest of bits onto my plate and had a try. I could hardly taste it (which was good as I was expecting it to be too spicy) so put a lot more on and found to my shock that it's actually a really nice mellow flavour. There is a tang to it, but I'd say it's more like a spicy apple marmalade than anything.

I put more on my plate, and then needed to keep adding more for seconds as like apple sauce once you start you want to keep eating it. While the flavour and effect was not what I'd expected I can easily see myself working my way through the jar over the next few days. It's great with cold meats, veggie burgers and Ms. NLi10 assures me that it's great with goat's cheese (but I'm not going to try that...).

I'm not sure how you would get hold of more (other than visiting the website) as it suggests I visit health food shops, but I do want to try more of these kinds of things now so maybe in the interests of snack food criticism I shall do just that.
by NLi10


BlahCooCooBlah said...

I'm up for trying anything, twice, but this one looks a bit scary to me!

Anne said...

Since this is my first comment in the new year:
Happy new Year! I hope 2011 will treat you kindly and bring you lots of joy and good things!

This sauce, as well as their other products, sound really interesting! Will see whether my local health food store stocks them. Thanks for bringing this company to my attention!

NLi10 said...

Believe me - this one is a real "close your eyes and enjoy" product.

It's like the best apple jelly you ever tasted.

I don't mind seaweed and similar though and the spice is medium at best.

I've checked Holland & Barret but couldn't see more.

Cheers both for comments!

cinabar said...

Great write up for a very strange product!
I will keep my eyes open, and see if I see any on the shelves when I am out and about - will let you all know if I do. :-)