19 January 2011

My Favourite Bear – Blowing Raspberries Bear [Biscuit] (Westmoreland Service Station) [By @Spectre]

A serious fan of most biscuits, I was quite taken by the theme of this raspberry flavoured offering from My Favourite Bear, Artisan Biscuits. If you have misread the title, fortunately it is “Bear” not “Beer”, as a post on “My Favourite Beer” would take several years to write and I’d probably die of liver failure!
Anyway, back to these biscuits; thankfully the cheeky teddy on the front of the packet is blowing raspberries out of his mouth and not elsewhere. There are two slim bear shaped biscuits in the packet. They are crunchy at first, and then the biscuit quickly melts in your mouth. The raspberry flavour is sweet and natural. There’s definitely nothing artificial about the taste of these sumptuous biscuits. Two in a packet leaves you wanting more, and at 64 Calories per biscuit they prove a healthy treat for anyone.
By Spectre

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