15 January 2011

Skittles Wild Berry (Amazon UK) By [@SpectreUK]

Continuing my season of five Skittles packets that aren’t widely available unless you buy them from Amazon or Cyber Candy, the title Skittles "Wild Berry" has a healthy sounding ring to it. Having said that, there are still 250 calories per 61.5g pack, and 47g of which is sugar. I ripped open this latest bag and separated out the flavours.

Pink coloured. These have a strawberry milkshake / ice cream taste to them that is sweet and very pleasant. I could have happily eaten a pack full of these.

Melon Berry
Green coloured. Predominately melon flavoured these Skittles have a mild cherry hit at the end of every mouthful. These are surprisingly pleasant as both flavours are rarely or never seen together. A bold move by Skittles, and it paid off.

Blue coloured. These raspberry flavour Skittles tasted more like blackcurrant. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but they weren’t as sweet as I was expecting and took me off guard with their muted, but not unpleasant flavour.

Berry Punch
Purple coloured. These Skittles have a strong yet slightly strange blackcurrant taste to them that reminded me a little of blackcurrant Tunes. They didn’t clear my nose or my throat (as I don’t have a cold) and definitely weren’t my favourite flavour so far.

Wild Cherry
Red coloured. Regular readers will know my distaste for most things cherry flavoured and will understand why I left these Skittles until last. These Skittles reminded me of cherry flavoured chewing gum when I was a kid. They have a strong taste of cherry when chewing to start with that smoothes out towards the end of the each Skittle.
By Spectre

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