22 January 2011

Chip Shop Curry [Crisps] (Marks and Spencer’s) [By @SpectreUK]

Cinabar bought these crisps back from Marks and Spencer’s one day excitedly telling me that it was one of her blogging friend’s favourite crisps of 2010. Chip Shop Curry crisps reminds me of my old boozy days stumbling back from the pub most nights and stopping off for some chips and curry dipping sauce. Most people will know that the curry sauce in chip shops doesn’t taste like regular curry. It has a sweet mild spice to it that reminds me of a little paprika mixed with coconut milk. I was expecting this flavour in these chips. What I wasn’t expecting was the crisps had been cooked in a sunflower oil called Sun Kernel. Sun Kernel is higher in monounsaturated fats and lower in saturated fats. This means that these crisps are healthier than crisps that have been cooked in saturated fats, as the fat doesn’t clog your insides up so much. There is also a difference in the taste, as they have a decent crunch to start with, and then the crisps suddenly melted in the mouth letting me savour the sweet mild curry taste. They have natural flavours with no artificial colours or added MSG (although there’s no proof it’s bad for you). Ingredients include curry seasoning, ground coriander, coconut milk, dried garlic, mild dried chilli and ground ginger. These crisps went a long way to remind me of the boozy days without me forgetting I ate them or coughing them up later on. Next time I’ll risk a couple of beers with them… But I get in trouble with her (Cinabar) in doors if I drink too much!
By Spectre


edorourke said...

Finally found these last night - nice, but the coconut flavour in the curry was a bit too prominent I thought. They were indeed lovely with some beers though :D

cinabar said...

Perfect Friday night and a film food ;-)