21 January 2011

Rocky Crispy Crunch Biscuit Bars (Waitrose) [By @cinabar]

Along with the Lime Crusha, popping into Waitrose for the first time in a while meant I had a good haul of new products I hadn’t tried before; these biscuits were in that basket too.
So these Rocky biscuits are individually wrapped, come in at 85 calories each, and are the sort of biscuit that are ideal for a lunch box treat. They have a strange texture, it is both crunchy and soft, which is different. The biscuit consist of both crispy pieces and biscuit pieces in a soft setting which causes a mix of textures. The crispiness from the biscuit pieces is still prominent, but the whole thing gives nicely when bitten.
The chocolate coating is pleasant, not the best quality milk chocolate in the world, but sweet, creamy and with enough cocoa to do the job. The contents have a nice golden flavour, but the thing I liked them most was that texture, as it made these bars so easy to eat. These are well worth having as an afternoon treat at work, perfect for satisfying the chocolate craving without too many calories.
By Cinabar

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