29 January 2011

Skittles: Crazy Cores (Amazon.co.uk / Cybercandy) [By @SpectreUK]

Continuing my season of five Skittles packets that aren’t widely available unless you buy them from Amazon or Cyber Candy, Skittles Crazy Cores sounds an intriguing idea. Having said that, will Skittles get the taste balance right with the outer colour and the inner flavour? There are 230 calories per 56.7g pack, and 43g of which is sugar. I ripped open this latest bag and separated out the flavours.

Mango Peach
Creamy yellow colour outside, red inside. There is a sweet peach taste to start with followed by a faint mango flavour that leans further to the cherry side. Not good. Too crazy for me… :-s

Cherry Lemonade
Dark red colour outside, yellow inside. There is a slightly fizzy cherryade taste to these Skittles which is crossed with a sweet Bakewell Tart flavour. Neither are my favourite things in the world, so this Skittle kind of put me off a bit.

Blue Raspberry Lemon
Blue colour outside, yellow inside. If you ever wondered what sugar sweet flavoured blueberryade / raspberryade would taste like, this would be it. Strangely I rather liked them though!

Strawberry Watermelon
Green colour outside, pink inside. These Skittles taste more like full on watermelon to me, only the slightest hint of strawberry, but still very nice and sweet.

Melon Berry
Pink colour outside, dark green inside. There is a dulled down watermelon flavour to these Skittles, mixed with blueberry (I believe). These Skittles are rather nice; they are subtle, and not almost overpoweringly sweet like the others.
By Spectre

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