3 January 2011

Cadbury Dairy Milk Biscuits (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

To be honest with last year’s launch of a Cadbury biscuits range, I would actually have though that these ones would have been the first variety out. Cadbury brought out their Turkish bars as biscuits (which I really liked) and both Crunchie and Caramel bars as biscuits too, so Dairy Milk seems like an obvious flavour choice.
These biscuits might be the simplest of recipes, but that doesn’t mean that these shouldn’t be fully appreciated. The thing that struck me most about them was that the chocolate was so wonderfully thick and flavoursome. It had the usual Dairy Milk taste, and the substantial chocolate is covering a rich dark biscuit that manages to still add a decent biscuity flavour, and a satisfying crunch.
The only disappointing thing about these biscuits is that there are only six in a box, which if you open them when friends are around, don’t last long at all. A perfect chocolate biscuit fix, loaded with an ample supply of Dairy Milk, but you might wish you had bought two packs if you intend to share!
By Cinabar


Mostly About Chocolate said...

Hmmmm... but are they good value for cost? I can well imagine the lovely thick Dairy Milk chocolate totally covering a crunchy cookie would be divine but were these pricy or did you think they were good value for money?

cinabar said...

They were around £1.50 for 6 biscuits, so they are quite pricey!! Probably best to buy a tube of some other biscuits if sharing, but worth it for a treat - but I do like Dairy Milk. :-)

BlahCooCooBlah said...

Oh wow, not something I should look at when I'm on a diet! Yum!!!

cinabar said...

Not good for a diet - but they just have so much choc - makes them ace.