25 January 2011

Innis and Gunn – Oak Aged Beer: Rum Cask (Waitrose) [By SpectreUK]

I’ve drunk Innis and Gunn’s beers before and always enjoyed them. This one caught Cinabar’s Mom’s eye in a supermarket the other day and she bought it me for a treat. And what a treat! This handcrafted Scottish beer is matured over a 57 day period in a rum infused American oak cask. Mahogany in colour the beer has a dark ale mixed with the spicy musky smell of rum to it. I couldn’t help but think of the old pirates and sailors of the seven seas whilst I poured this beer out (“The boy stood on the burning deck, his pockets full of crackers, one went off between his legs and blew off both his…”). The bitterness of the dark ale battles the spicy warming flavour of rum in every mouthful. The rum finally wins over in the aftertaste (as all good pirates generally win… “Ha, ha, me Hearties!”). This drink leaves your insides thoroughly heated and at 7.4% volume there is no wonder. I was left wanting another beer straight afterwards, but the strength of this beverage could have a toll on your senses pretty quickly. This rum beer is a real pleasure to drink, especially on a cold dark stormy night. Perfect to celebrate Burn’s Night on January 25th. Just have a (naughty) poem ready and try not to slurrrrrrr….
By Spectre

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