16 January 2011

Taste The Difference: Steak & Dorset Ale Pie (Sainsbury's) [by @NLi10]

After the epic amount of pie reviews last year I thought I'd take a break and resume normal snack foods.

This Sainsbury's pie was exciting enough to write about though. It's clearly modelled on the deluxe PieMinister style pies as it has large ingredients, thick but decent pastry and flavours you can find within each mouthful. I'd say that it certainly doesn't have the variety of these super-deluxe models - you don't find exotic herbs and spices and there aren’t multiple kinds of meat - but what it does do it does well.

I think that some store deluxe ranges are essentially just the basic store brand range but in nicer boxes and it's great to see that this is changing. While buying the PieMinister, Pizza Express and other super-brands every week would get a bit expensive (Waitrose is only expensive as it pretty much only stocks these!) I think that adding the superior versions of store own brands as a nice treat can be justified because of the extra quality.

This passes the restaurant test - If I got this as a pub meal or in a high street restaurant I wouldn't feel ripped off, and while I did have this with a side of criss-cross fries to top it up it was a filling meal.
by @NLi10

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