31 December 2010

Galaxy Ultra Smooth Creamy Hot Chocolate [By @Cinabar] (Tesco)

As a rule I tend not to mention price on these reviews, but I felt obliged to with this drink. The cup this hot chocolate is made in is quite small, and the price is a ‘trial’ price of £1 per cup. The fact that it is labelled as a trial price designed to encourage first purchases does make me inclined to believe that the ‘real’ price will be higher still. A pound may not sound that bad, but given the cup is already small I was disappointed to find when I opened the pack; it isn’t even close to being a full (little) cup either.
The hot chocolate was easy to make, simply remove the plastic lid, peel off the foil and microwave, stir and microwave again. I let the thick brown liquid stand a minute after its final zapping and have to say that it obviously contains cream, as it was forming a skin. The product boasts that it is ‘Ultra Smooth’ as it isn’t made with powder, but actual chocolate instead. Sure enough the ingredients confirm that it contains real Galaxy chocolate, and also some Dove Dark chocolate. Dove is an American brand, and “Dove Dark” is not available here in the UK, so it seems a strange ingredient.
The drink itself is indeed very smooth, with no lumps or bits. I thought it had a taste of chocolate custard about it, as the drink was thick, sweet and moderately chocolaty. For my tastes I would prefer a richer chocolate taste, as this drink felt a bit sweet but muted. The thing that put me off the most though was the appearance. I made one of these for another taste tester, and the fact that it is such a small portion in it’s (albeit recyclable) little plastic cup made me think it just looked a bit naff. The contents were pleasant enough, but it didn’t deliver the luxury I had hoped for. Nice, but not something I’d rush out to buy again.
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

'Dove' is just the non UK name for Galaxy :)

cinabar said...

Oh okay, its just a name we see over here at all. So it is odd for it to be on the ingredients list.