24 December 2010

Green & Black’s Hazlenut Chocolate Spread (Selfridges)

Spectre spotted this jar in Selfridges, he was browsing in the foodhall, looked at it, and an assistant said “that’s the best chocolate spread I’ve ever tasted”. Who could resist a recommendation like that! Spectre then very kindly purchased a jar for me, what as sweetie.
Being a fan of nuts and chocolate, I do like my Nutella, but this did really appeal to me too. I tried the spread on toast, and it spread easily despite being quite thick. The taste was rich, with a sumptuous amount of cocoa, then sweetness and finally a nutty hazelnut aftertaste. The spreads texture felt smooth and velvety, and everything about this product seemed to be luscious. It just is absolutely gorgeous, I really wanted to eat it with a spoon, but have managed to resist (so far).
I also tested it on the ultimate banana sandwich, which involves one banana, two slices of bread one, of which is buttered and one of which is covered in this Green & Blacks spread. So good, I was almost stuck for words, it makes the perfect energy snack! Before you try this at home though, I warn you I have a very sweet tooth. If you leave the banana out, and just try this on toast I don’t see how you could fail to love it. This is definitely one to add to the last minute Christmas grocery shop, for a breakfast treat.
By Cinabar

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