26 December 2010

Naked 'Green Machine' Antioxidant Smoothie [by @NLi10] (Starbucks)

Merry Xmas for yesterday!

Many of you will have eaten, drank and then done it all again yesterday so I thought it might be apt to talk about this little bottle of what at first glance appears to be pond water. Even the bottle describes it as 'intimidating' and looking into the top you can see why. It's a multi layered drink that actually tells you it contains Blue Green Algae amongst its ingredients, and it wants you to drink it.

Once you get over the fact that it looks odd (which when writing for @Cinabar automatically puts things at the top of your shopping list) and actually buy the thing and open it up you realise something odd - It smells like a normal smoothie, and if you hadn't seen it you'd have happily have drunk it. While it's maybe a little less summery than many drinks, it tastes quite nice. Once you know that, your brain stops telling you not to drink it and you could easily use it to convince people that you are drinking other things, or just that it tastes as 'good for you' as it looks.

And I guess that's the point - it's full of things that are good for you, it looks like it's good for you (in a medicinal kind of way) and yet it actually tastes like something you'd happily buy again. Maybe the appearance is not what you want to see waking up on Boxing Day morning, but I'm sure that if you do manage to get past the wrapping the present inside is one that will give you the vitamins you need to survive until New Years.
by NLi10

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