20 December 2010

Cadbury’s Chocolate Curl Cakes (Sainsbury’s)

My first thought on seeing this product was that the box was the wrong way round. It is just a thought, but don’t all individual cakes come in boxes that are horizontal? Cadbury has shaken things up with a vertical box it seems, not a bad thing, it just looked a bit weird on the shelf. Mainly because the staff at Sainsbury’s had laid them down horizontally, so all the writing was sideways on... I’m thinking that it isn’t what Cadbury intended, but it did catch my eye!
So this is another offering from Cadbury in its Christmas range, and the product consists of chocolate sponges, covered in milk chocolate and white chocolate curls (giving them a snowy appearance).

Opening the box and a few things struck me, firstly that the cakes are a lot smaller than I expected; secondly that there were only five of them and finally that they were incredibly messy. I managed to sprinkle the floor with white chocolate curls that had fallen off the cakes, there was a lot of cannon fodder all over the carpet. Having said that each cake was pleasant enough, the sponge was moist, sweet and chocolaty. There was a smaller than expected dollop of a chocolate butter cream substance inside, that added a rich saltier flavour. The milk chocolate coating was nice and thick, and the white chocolate curls did add to the sweetness.
All in all the cakes were nice enough, and I wasn’t disappointed with the flavour or quality, but the size and messiness of the cakes means they are not my first choice for a Christmassy treat.
By Cinabar


Ana said...

Staring at the first picture was enough to almost make me start drooling. The design is great!

cinabar said...

They do look rather snow covered :-)