17 December 2010

Shapers - Sparkling Festive Fruit Punch (Boots)

After the success of Boots Christmas crisps, in Brie & Cranberry flavour, I thought I would give their new seasonal drink a try. It comes in a fairly plain bottle, with a robin on the bottom of the pack, and in appearance is a slightly pink fizzy looking liquid.
I realise that this drink is in the low calorie range, but as someone who regularly drinks Sprite Zero and diet pop I was under the impression that you can have low calorie and lots of flavour.
Sadly this drink was a bit muted for my taste buds. I could pick up on some fruity flavours like grape and plum, and even a hint of spice from some cinnamon, but it all felt like it had been watered down. Even the fizz wasn’t strong enough for my preference, but others may like a lighter amount of bubbles. After the mild taste washed away, all I was left with was a vague sweetness that seemed to linger on the palette. If the flavours were stronger I would have found this a lot more appealing, it wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t amazing. To be honest I’d rather buy a bottle of Diet Coke in the Boots meal deal, at least I know where I am with that. Bit of a shame really, but if you are in Boots – did I mention how fab their Brie & Cranberry crisps are?
By Cinabar


BlahCooCooBlah said...

Ok I'm thoroughly jealous you have access to this kind of stuff in your Boots. I swear they don't have this stuff in the Boots over here in Ireland. Boo Ireland Boots! Boo!

cinabar said...

It has to be said what with this drink and crisps it is the first time I've been in Boots food section and been impressed with the choice of 'seasonal' goodies.