23 December 2010

Lucozade Sport Lite Summer Berries [by @NLi10] (most newsagents)

I was quite thirsty while out and about at Centre Parcs and was about to spend a few hours relaxing in the sauna so decided that such a girly afternoon required a girly drink. I hadn't understood what made this 'lite' until I read the bottle and found out that it was an energy drink with only 50 calories. As it was primarily for hydration and to promote energy release I thought it would be a nice fit. As it wasn't far from the shop to the AQVA SANA I downed the whole thing in the changing rooms like some kind of pro-spa user. The flavour wasn't bad, but there was a definite aftertaste of sweeteners that I'd forgotten may be lurking. Low calorie could mean not sweet at all, but not in this case.

As a result I was sat in the first steam room full of energy and wanting to do things. Eventually this subsided, probably due to the glares of Ms. NLi10 and my body shutting down from the intense heat. As the experience progressed I unwound and enjoyed myself immensely, even going for a walk in the snow covered Zen Garden.

I think that a good, low calorie hydration drink would probably be water, maybe with a little something added to make it exciting. This was a bit too artificial and stimulating for my liking. Good for if you want to get up off the sofa and burn a few calories without consuming more, bad for the rest of us.
by @NLi10

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