14 December 2010

Cadbury Merry Mini Rolls [Cranberry & Vanilla] (Sainsbury’s)

Cadbury’s Mini Rolls have had a Christmassy makeover, and instead of the usual strawberry jam these finely named ‘Merry Mini Rolls’ are filled with a seasonal cranberry and vanilla cream. We really don’t see enough cranberry with chocolate, it such a nice fruit it is a shame it is usually reserved for accompanying turkey on Christmas day.
The sponge inside these rolls has a good decent golden flavour, and the vanilla cream is sweet and smooth. The zingy cranberry hits the spots, with its own fruitiness and sharp but sweet taste. The chocolate coating is of the usual Cadbury flavour, although it is thin it still brings out a pleasant chocolate taste that works really well with the cranberry.
I thought these chocolate rolls were a nice addition to the range, and the cranberry flavour balanced out the other sweeter ingredients. This is one of those cake bars that although not wildly different to the regular range will still be missed after the festive season.

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