27 December 2010

Milk Chocolate With Banana (Thorntons)

It has been said that I haven’t covered enough Thornton’s goodies here at Foodstuff Finds, so please allow me to squeeze another product in before the end of 2010. This bar has a milk chocolate base, with 37% cocoa, and is flavoured with banana. It is both fair-trade and organic, which it proudly states on the box. Surprisingly when I opened the bar I noticed that the smell was remarkably neutral, there was a nice cocoa tone, but only the vaguest hint of banana. In appearance the bar is lovely and chunky, and unusually square shaped. I actually like the shape of the bar, it makes it far nicer to give as a small gift that a rectangular one. The cardboard box covering and wrapper also go a long way to making it feel quite substantial.
The base chocolate was really tasty, it was sweet and creamy, but still hard enough darkness from the cocoa to made it a rich flavoursome chocolate. It had a decent melt too, pleasantly coating the mouth and allowing the sweet tones to linger. The banana taste was surprisingly mild. There were sporadic small pieces of banana hidden within the bar, all adding a gentle fruity taste. I fear we are all quite used to the strength of artificial banana flavourings, so although mild, it is rather refreshing to find such a natural taste paired with a chocolate. This bar is very much worth trying, but expect subtle and natural rather than that shrieking ‘banana milkshake’ flavour so many products have.
By Cinabar

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