29 December 2010

Pot Noodle GTi Tikka Masala [By @SpectreUK] (Tesco)

Pot Noodle GTi Tikka Masala
Jim from Chocolate Mission recommended I try this new Pot Noodle GTi Tikka Masala. Apparently it’s the first Pot Noodle with actual meat in it. Unlike the usual Pot Noodles, the GTi isn’t a case of “just add boiling water and stir”, the GTi is microwavable in two minutes (depending on the wattage of your microwave oven). I remember the old microwavable curry’s in the 90’s that were downright rotten and didn’t taste much like curry after you’d nuked the plastic packaging for an age. I know nowadays that microwave meals taste better and are better for you healthwise, but you still have to keep them chilled or freeze them to eat them after a longer period of time. The GTi doesn’t need chilling or freezing, and has a good long best before date, so it doesn’t take up room in your fridge or freezer.

Our microwave oven is 1000W, and as the instructions on the back of the packet only went up to 850W, I had to guess a little on the cooking time. After about a minute and a half I pulled the rest of the lid off and was impressed at the aroma of Tikka Masala. The microwave oven hadn’t dried out the contents of the GTi at all. On stirring the brown Tikka sauce I could see a decent helping of noodles, with small pieces of chicken and herbs. The noodles had been cut short so the meal was not messy at all. Cinabar’s mom had put bread aside for me and made up a salad of cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce. I also had a beer to wash the meal down. The Tikka Masala sauce had a medium spice to it with a tomato taste, and a touch of paprika, garlic and onion. The chicken had cooked well in the microwave, and was succulent and soft on the teeth. The Tikka Masala went well with the salad and I enjoyed mopping up the rest of the sauce with the bread once I’d finished the noodles and chicken. Even more of a plus I found that the Pot Noodle GTi went very well with a pint of beer. I’ll definitely have to seek out the Chilli Con Carne and Bolognaise flavours in the GTi range. Thanks Jim! :-)
By Spectre


Unknown said...

Hey Spectre,

Cheers for the review chap. Have you tried the Chow Main flavour yet? I don't think it is as nice as the Tikka one but its not half bad either.

I'm not a big lover of pot noodles but I get a strange hankering for one every now and then. It takes me back to my student days thats for sure.

Spectre said...

Hi Jim, cheers for the recommendation on the GTi's. I haven't seen the Chow Main flavour, is there a specific supermarket to buy them from, as I've only seen the other two mentioned in Sainsbury's?