22 December 2010

Haribo Super Sour Monsters [By Spectre] (WH Smiths)

Our Halloween week may have missed the boat on these fruit flavoured Super Sour Monster gums, but I just had to write about them. They come in three flavours and are packed with the usual Haribo fun. The lemon monster had a decent lemon taste and a good sourness, although not face twistingly uncomfortable, it had a pleasant easy to eat flavour and was instantly moreish. The apple monster was sourer than the lemon monster, which I found a bit odd, considering actual lemons are naturally sourer than actual apples. The apple flavouring made the sour fruit gum a little less moreish than the lemon, but still they didn’t last long either. There were quite a few less cherry monsters than apple or lemon in the packet, which made me think that these fruit gums weren’t properly counted out. Regular readers wouldn’t think that this was a problem, as I usually hate anything that is cherry flavoured. However, I actually like cherry fruit flavoured gums, such as cherry cola bottles. The cherry itself had a strong black cherry flavour to it that drown out the other two flavours. I was glad I left these cherries to last and finally my face started to twist in unusual ways. I don’t know whether it was just because they were cherry flavoured or whether they had more sourness added, but boy did I get some gurning practise in. I’m hoping that these fruit flavoured gums come out next year also, but to keep up the Haribo fun they need to count them out equally and add some more sour bite to the lemon and apple monsters. Remember the sourer the taste the scarier the face!
By Spectre

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