19 December 2010

Tesco Christmas - Turkey Cranberry & Stuffing Wrap [by @NLi10]

Like the great musician Jonathan Coulton tells us Christmas Is Interesting and if you think about them for too long then pretty much none of our winter traditions make sense. With a similar open mind I approached this offering of traditional festive ingredients in a Mexican style wrap and took a bite.

How I came to be in the possession of such an interesting artefact is a tale in itself. We recently had a work visit by some salespeople regarding an Abbot Architect machine for our lab that does something I don't understand. They had come to talk about another kind of test that I didn't understand, but discussed avidity, which I do understand. As part of this we got a free feed, but instead of the usual hospital catering they popped to Tesco and brought a bumper feast of goodies.

In the interests of science/blogging I chose the thing that I was least likely to pick up normally (with an eye to the fact that I could always fill up on other things from the table should it be unpleasant). And I wasn't far off, that first bite was mostly lettuce and a mystery white sauce which wasn't all that Christmassy. It truly was an odd combination and I couldn't taste anything seasonal. I persevered and towards the middle, with the chunks of turkey was a few bits of cranberry. These clicked the taste button for me and I was much happier with the flavour for the remainder of the wrap. The second one was similar and now I knew to expect the occasional sweet hit I was prepared to put up with the odd combination of tortilla and white sauce with a hint of turkey. I guess that like with the microorganisms the exposure to the new and unusual thing increased my avidity towards it and allowed me to bind more successfully.

We also got a child's juice box and chocolate coins for pudding.

Overall I'd say it's worth trying this, if not just for the unique flavours. It's not even slightly festive though and in a different box could be a turkey and white sauce summer special or similar. I do however think that the only thing that should be wrapped at Christmas is the presents and not the turkey.
by @NLi10

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