1 December 2010

Goan Extra Hot Lime [By Spectre] (Holy Cow)

Cinabar’s mom cooked up some fishcakes for dinner the other day with chips and peas. It seemed like an ideal opportunity to try this Goan Extra Hot Lime sauce from Holy Cow. On cracking open the bottle the light green sauce had a distinctive lime smell to it. I cleared a space on my plate and the thick liquid oozed out of the bottle like some extraterrestrial green slime. Cinabar was first to try the sauce, dipping a chip in and dropping it daintily into her gob only to jump up and down stating it was far too hot. This made me worry of course, but in for a penny and all that... I decided to try a piece of salmon fishcake dipped in the extra hot green sauce first. The sauce complemented the fishcake well, with the lime bringing out the flavour of the fish and the Habanero chilli giving my tongue and lips a welcome burn. There is also a hint of ginger and parsley in the taste. Looking on the back of the bottle other ingredients include cumin and turmeric. On finishing the first salmon fishcake I dumped several green coloured chips into my mouth, and decided to try the tuna fishcake with the sauce. Again the lime brought the flavour of the fish out quite well, but I must admit the salmon did taste better with the sauce. By now I was sweating profusely and my mouth was happily on fire, but slightly dreading finishing the meal. Never fear though, I still had several chips left and another salmon fishcake! I even dipped some bread and butter into the green chilli sauce and was surprised just how well the lime liquid went with everything. A pint of Boddingtons cooled me throughout the meal and afterwards I was quite glad to see a caramel pudding to ease my overheating tongue. Roll on the next fish meal, but then again, it does say on the back of the bottle to try this sauce with anything!
By Spectre


NLi10 said...

It's the Ginger that's the killer.

I reviewed a flavour of this ages ago :)

Katie said...

Dont like the sound of it being extra hot although I am *addicted* to lime pickle, love the strong limey taste, just wish it wouldnt blow my head off, sounds like this stuff is the same!

cinabar said...

I do like a bit of spice, general I go for a medium in curries, but this was too hot for me. Spectre was lapping it up though - but he loves chillis extra hot!