7 December 2010

Can I Have My Ball Back Please? Cadbury's Spots Vs Stripes - Catch! [By @NLi10]


Snack marketing doesn't get much better than this! Cadbury's, sponsors of the London 2012 Olympics are using their lovely Spots Vs Stripes bar to launch a series of activities and contests. This one is called 'Catch' and involves 100 large purple balls with GPS receivers being passed around the country. I happened to be lucky enough to work with one of the Twitterati that were given one to play with - @CaptainKindling - and so at the end of the working day I decided to have a look.

It's a rather big thing and clearly numbered up so that you know which one it is, and it's all done on GPS so that Cadbury's can follow you and see what you get up to. Essentially there are two games - furthest travelled and most people photographed with it. Tempting as it was to keep this unique item to myself I decided reluctantly to give it back. I'm the one in the stripy jumper, which should have given me the right to take this home. This counts as plus one to its photo count and earns a free sports kit for the Cadbury charity drive - check the website for more info.


I've always said that Cadbury's should sponsor a F1 team - metallic purple would be the perfect car livery and it may attract more female people to the sport, but the world’s largest game of catch has to be a pretty close 2nd. What will they think of next!

Good Luck Stripes 75!!

By NLi10


Anonymous said...

is it edible?

cinabar said...

Not sure all those people catching it would give it back if it was made of chocolate! ;-)

Anonymous said...

As a diabetic, I really should not be looking at this blog, but got here somehow and now can't leave. Especially as I'm China and have no chance of buying any of these sweet treats!! Miss UK chocolate :(