13 December 2010

Muller Corner– Christmas Yogurt: Chocolate Reindeer Edition (Sainsbury’s)

First off nobody panic, these aren’t actually reindeer flavoured. Far from it, this is simply the Christmas offering from Muller yoghurts. The yoghurt inside the pack is actually simply vanilla, and the Christmas theme is added by the ‘sprinkles’ which are tiny biscuits shaped like reindeer and coated in chocolate. Well, when I say chocolate, I probably should say ‘chocolate flavour coating’ or use some such disclaimer.
There are three colours of reindeer in the pack, and I have to say the biscuits themselves aren’t quite as neatly made as the on pack drawings!

The white chocolate coated one was sweet and pleasant. The middle colour was too pale for me to think of it as being milk chocolate, it was almost caramel in colour. It tasted sweet but not really delivering a decent chocolate hit. The darkest reindeer was a bit more chocolaty but still didn’t have a very strong flavour. The thing I liked about them was that the biscuit underneath the coating was lovely and crunchy and added a lovely mix of textures when added to the vanilla yoghurt. Let’s face it, these tiny biscuits were never meant to be eaten individually.
The yoghurt itself is thick, sweet and creamy with lovely tones of vanilla. Muller actually make my favourite vanilla yoghurt, as it is just so easy to eat with a really good flavour. The coating on the reindeer may not be the best quality chocolate, but it really isn’t the end of the world. The cute idea of the biscuits, the lovely crunch and the creamy yoghurt do still make these a nice Christmas treat, it is just a shame they didn’t deliver on a neater reindeer moulding.


paulham said...

Nom's vanilla yoghurt with Belgain chocolate coated raisins is the best choc yoghurt combo in my opinion.

cinabar said...

What a great name for a brand :-) I will try and find some, what shops stock them?

paulham said...

Morrisons do.


cinabar said...

Ace - will take a look when I'm next in :-)