15 December 2010

Nong Shim Hot and Spicy: Shin Cup Noodle Soup [By Spectre] (Day In, Birmingham)

I recently found out that I like pot / cup noodles and decided to have a little quest to find the best brands in the world. This Nong Shim Noodle Soup was recommended by a regular reader. The idea of a Hot and Spicy flavour meant I just had to hunt a pot down. On adding the boiling water to the solid noodles they took quite a bit to soften and mix. I noticed bits of carrot, coriander, mushrooms, red pepper and onions were floating around amongst the thin stringy noodles. I ripped open the red coloured sachet and mixed in the powdered paste. The soup went a lovely orange colour whilst the noodles absorbed much of the fluid. On tasting I noticed an extra spicy Tom Yum taste that made my taste buds tingle with chilli heat bouncing around my mouth pleasantly. This noodle soup is full of flavour, with hints of soy sauce, garlic and black pepper, and is one of the best I’ve tried. The hot noodles didn’t burn my lips, which meant that it wasn’t too messy to eat, but there was some slurping. Trying to stay with the oriental theme I gulped down this cup noodle with a glass of Ozeki Sake. The dryness of the Sake complemented the Tom Yum spicy taste very well. I’ll definitely hunt down another Hot and Spicy cup noodle from Nong Shim, and take a look at what else they have in their range. The teensy bottle of Sake didn’t last any amount of time though, so I’ll have to find a bigger bottle!
By Spectre


Unknown said...

Spectre you noodle master ... will you be reviewing one of the Pot Noodle GTI's anytime soon?

cinabar said...

He does have a pot of the Tikka GTI, so I will nag him to try it asap. ;-)

Anonymous said...

This is not "tom yum" flavour at all. Nong Shim like most korean ramyun products have a base flavour of kimchi which is the "spicy" taste you experienced.