10 December 2010

McVities Christmas Festive Fruity Spice Cake (WH Smiths)

I asked recently on here and on twitter about what Christmas products people thought were worth hunting down for Foodstuff Finds. I got quite an interesting list of goodies I will be keeping my eye out for them all. The first one came via a recommendation off Twitter, and was found in a small branch of WH Smiths. This cake isn’t really the sort of thing you’d expect to find in WH Smiths, but I have learnt over the years to scan the shelves in all the shops I go in, it’s a sort of skill (or obsession). ;-)
And what a find this is! I do like fruit cake, but find that the richness of some Christmas cakes can be a bit off putting. The sponge in this festive cake is lovely, soft and light, with a moist feel which stops it from being too heavy. The taste is sweet, has an element of brown sugar and a nice helping of Christmas spices. I do love the flavours that the sponge contained, with its cinnamon and nutmeg, adding their lovely warming touch. Also packed inside the sponge was decent helping of fruit, there were currents and cherries, each one still soft and moist and adding patches of extra sweetness.
I totally confess that I love cinnamon and spices, so it will be no surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed this cake. It is just such a fab Christmas treat, ideal with a cup of tea to bring warmth to our wintery afternoons.

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cinabar said...

I've not seen a marzipan one as yet, but the UK doesn't get as many marzipan products as the rest of Europe. Having said that we do get marzipan stollen, which is yum.

Although I haven't reviewed the apple crumble I have tried and enjoyed it with custard, but I will have to keep an eye out for the black forest gateaux as that is one of my favourite types of cakes. mmmmm