28 December 2010

Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding (Westmoreland Service Station or Waitrose)

When I first saw this sticky toffee pudding I was at the slightly amazingly and wonderful Westmoreland Service Station, home of interesting foods galore. I was quite surprised when I went to Waitrose and found this same pudding proudly sitting on the shelf at my local branch. This does mean that this dessert is quite readily available should you be looking for it.
I opened the box to prepare this pudding for the oven and was impressed by the lovely rich sweet aromas already emanating from the pack. Once cooked, the house was filled with rich treacly scents. The dessert was scoped into bowls, and custard was served as an optional accompaniment.
One bite in and I had realised this sponge is something a bit special. The flavours are strong and gorgeous, buttery sweet toffee, and a perfect moist sponge covered in the sticky sauce. It is a rich pudding, but the buttery nature does help to create balance. However a drizzle of creamy custard does help to lighten the flavours.
This is a fab sponge, and if you have been asked to provide dessert for a dinner party but can’t cook, this pudding can’t fail to impress. I’m so pleased Waitrose stock it too, because I’m so looking forward to buying another, without having to go on a road trip up north!
By Cinabar

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