7 December 2010

Marmite Truffles (Paul A Young)

It is no secret that I was both desperate to try Marmite chocolate and then hugely disappointed with the official bar. Everybody who had tried it told me that Paul A Young's version was ‘the’ Marmite chocolate to try. Sadly as the chocolate isn’t sold online, and is only available in the London shops, it has taken a while for me to locate. You wouldn’t believe how excited I am about trying this chocolate though.

The truffles are packed in a simple metallic box, decorated with purple ribbon. Inside the box each chocolate is given its own purple paper case to sit in, and the pretty chocolate shines temptingly within.
These truffles have a dark chocolate casing, with a smart glittery gold sheen on their surface. The aroma encapsulates rich dark tones of cocoa, but no Marmite on initial inspection. As I bit into the chocolate, there was a rich yeasty Marmite flavour that appeared, this developed as I chewed but was ingeniously taken over by the sumptuous tones of cocoa that blended the two tastes together perfectly.
The chocolate shell cracks easily when bitten despite having a decent thickness. The ganache like filling is soft and silky with a lovely smooth texture. The chocolate used is full of flavour, clearly of an excellent quality.
These truffles are very clever, they play with the Marmite flavour and allow it to develop and then just before it overpowers they carefully allow the cocoa to come back on board. It shouldn’t work, but there is no questioned that it does. It has been a long time since I last tried a chocolate that wowed me this much, the flavours work in union and make an amazing taste sensation. If you get the opportunity I can’t emphasise just how much you should try these, I just wish they were sold online.


Anne said...

Oh I am really jealous now! i really want to get my hands on those (any Paul A Young stuff actually, apparently his salted caramels and his seasonal grapes are to die for as well...).

Great to see though that you also really enjoyed these in contrast to the "official" bar! Just goes to show you, that even the strangest combinations can work, if executed correctly! :)

Yes, I wish he would sell his stuff online as well. :( Mhh, maybe a friend of mine down in London could do me a huge favour....

cinabar said...

Anne - I don't mean to make you more jealous - but the rest of my stash consists of some of those salted caramels and a chocolate brownie!

I just don't get why the official bar has such a strong onion/garlic taste - it just lingered and made me feel a little sick! This Paul A Young version just proves the flavours can work really well. The truffles were pure yum!

Kavey said...

Love Paul's marmite chocolates but you should really also try his marmite bar, if he's still doing it. I think it was only after he made one, which went down so well, that the official one was created (and, as you say, pale imitation of Paul's version).

Anne said...

Oh, you're evil! :P

Katie said...

I *love* Paul A Young. Visited yesterday. Spent a kings ransom on the choccies and I don't care because they are the best I have ever had.

cinabar said...

Kavey - I don't think he is making the Marmite bar at the minute, I think all the Christmas goodies may well have taken over. I would love to try it though, especially as this truffles are such a success.

Anne - the reviews will be making you drool very soon! ;-)

Katie - I am totally blown away by the quality of his chocs - they just are SO gorgeous! What did you buy?