30 December 2010

Honey & Mustard Popcorn (Corn Again) [by @NLi10]

I've tried to review this product quite a few times now.

First I decided to take it to the IMAX to eat during Harry Potter but forgot to take it.

Then I took it to work to review as a work snack, but it didn't get eaten (Christmas means an office full of biscuits)

Also I took it to my parents over Xmas but we didn't really sit and watch any movies and we were always too full.

Now it's back on the review pile, still a half eaten bag of popcorn.

Is it not that nice? On the contrary - it tastes great! The flavours are exciting and new and while the popcorn is softer and less crisp than cinema popcorn it avoids that horrible Butterkist texture that feels like you are eating hard lumps of butter. It's probably the best 'non-fresh' popcorn that I've ever had, but the problem is I've absolutely no idea when to eat it.

The flavours of Honey & Mustard are a strange combination, but conjure up visions of tea parties on the lawn and exciting new sandwiches cut into triangles. Like most of my favourite snacks the flavours intermingle and no two pieces are exactly the same. You find yourself hunting through the bag for the darker coloured ones which have more of the ingredients on them and really savouring the experience. This means that it's eating as a pleasure activity, where as usually popcorn is something eaten absentmindedly while you watch the film. And maybe this is the problem, it's like having a picnic in the cinema so I don't feel like I'm giving either activity the attention it deserves.

Don't get me wrong - the bag will get finished and I will likely buy more flavours (they do Cinnamon!), but I think that I'd enjoy it most as popcorn when faced with a film that I really didn't want to watch. Instead I think that it falls into the nibbles category, something to share and to savour with friends at a party - although if everyone is as full as at Christmas it may just stay sealed until the next one.
by @NLi10

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