6 December 2010

Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses Cake Bars (Sainsbury’s)

As it is that time of year once again, the Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses chocolate bar has re-appeared on the shelves. As it hasn’t changed significantly over the last couple of Christmases I haven’t felt obliged to write about it again, but it is nice to let you all know about it. Also I’m please to say I have found a ‘new’ product, these lovely Mistletoe tie-in cake bars!
These individually wrapped cakes are made by McVities, but do have that creamy smooth Galaxy chocolate flavour in their coating. There is a chocolate sponge layer, and on top of that sits the chocolate cream mousse and caramel, as per the regular chocolate bar. Although the cake bars obviously can’t come with three triangular chunks, each cake is decorated with a chocolaty swirl to make it look pretty.
The base sponge is chocolaty and is rather light and fluffy, but you would expect nothing else from a McVities cake bar! The mousse layer feel likes a soft cool fondant and delivers a creamy chocolate taste. The caramel is quite sweet and rich, but I would prefer a more gooey appearance. It is the lovely chocolate coating that takes centre stage, adding that Galaxy magic to these bars.
If you are looking for a nice Christmas themed cake bar treat I don’t think you can go wrong with these sweet tasting Mistletoe bars.


  1. I cannot believe this... :D
    Just yesterday I was browsing an online product catalog and these caught my eye :D
    Thank you for the review!

  2. No, I got some ice cream instead :))

  3. Have you seen that Waitrose are now selling Mince Pie flavour ice cream? It was sold out when I last checked - but that is now top of my ice cream wanted list! :-)


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