11 May 2011

Chicago Town - Takeaway Film Feast Pizza [Limited Edition] [By @Cinabar]

If a pizza suggests watching a film in its title, who am I to mess with a winning combination. We decided to stick on the only Terminator film we hadn’t seen, Terminator 4 Salvation and prepare for our night in.
Taking the pizza out of the wrapper I noticed that the topping was decent and generous and that the crust was dusted with cheese, which always adds to the flavour. The pizza cooked on its own base, and as always with the Chicago Town range cooked evenly.
The base was soft but firm and exactly as it should be. There was a nice flavour throughout from the dough and it was of a good consistency.
I really enjoyed the combination of different meats on this pizza too and each one had its own flavour from the smoky ham through to the spicy pepperoni. There were plenty of green peppers (thankfully not chilli) that added a nice veg flavour throughout too. The thing I loved most about it was the crust, as this was stuffed with tomato sauce. I love the concept of a stuffed crust but do find the cheese ones feel a bit samey. The tomato in these added a lovely fresh taste, that even had a bite in the flavour which was both sweet and sharp.
It’s only now sorting out the photograph for this post that I noticed that there was a competition on the box to win a Trip to Hollywood, I’m not sure about the details – but I can’t believe I missed that! I will have to treat myself to another... ;-)
Anyway, Chicago Town pizzas are always a favourite of mine, but this new variety really did feel like a feast, with all the different meats in the topping. I have to say Terminator 4 Salvation is a surprisingly good film too, so a fab evening was had by all and I’d happily recommend both. :-)
By Cinabar


Lot-O-Choc said...

Ooh glad you enjoyed this :) i dont like pizza at all :( so dont think this would be one for me.

Anonymous said...

Best pizza ever !!!

And they took it out from my local supermarket. Bast*rds!

Thanks for the post.

cinabar said...

Its such a nice pizza, always hard to find good oven cook ones.