21 May 2011

Chip Shop Curry Flavour Golden Wonder Pot Noodle (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

I remember the good / bad old days when I used to crawl back from the pub most nights after drinking way too much beer. I’d prop myself up in the chip shop on the way home and enjoy dipping my chips into a sweet curry dipping sauce. Recently a regular reader recommended Chip Shop Curry flavoured crisps from Marks and Spencer’s as an alternative to searching for a civilized chippy. I enjoyed these crisps immensely, and decided to look around for other alternatives. On seeing this Chip Shop Curry flavoured Golden Wonder Pot Noodle I couldn’t resist testing the taste against the M&S crisps.
Although I didn’t blog about it, I also had a taste comparison between Pot Noodle’s Beef and Tomato flavour and Golden Wonder’s offering of the same flavour. Although I felt the taste of the Golden Wonder more muted than the Pot Noodle, I considered the snack to be more filling. On opening the Chip Shop Curry flavour I noticed there is a generous helping of short cut noodles in the plastic pot with bits of carrots and peas mixed in. I followed the instructions adding boiling water, stirring, adding the spicy mango chutney sachet, more stirring. I left the pot to cool a while before slurping eagerly. I found the curry taste quite muted, even with the spicy mango chutney. I checked the front of the pot which stated in big letters “new fuller flavour”. I can only imagine what it used to taste like or rather not taste like before they added more to the already long list of ingredients. Having said that, the Pot Noodle had a decent curry taste to it, but it just wasn’t sweet or spicy. There were no artificial colours or flavours in the ingredients, giving the Golden Wonder Pot Noodle a healthy feel to it, as well as being a filling snack. Besides, wouldn’t a whole Pot Noodle that tastes of real chip shop curry sauce be a bit sickly after a while? I guess it depends on how many beers you’ve had by the end of the evening I suppose…
By Spectre

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Anonymous said...

Mr spectre, may I suggest you try adding 1 little teaspoon of curry powder to your pot before the water. Ive been doing this since 1978 with curry pot noodles apart from bombay bad boy, dosen't need anything else!