10 May 2011

Twinings [Limited Edition] Dark Swiss Chocolate Drink (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

Twinings are a brand we associate almost exclusively with tea, but a couple of years ago they brought out their first hot chocolate. I tried it back then, and enjoyed it too, but this is the first new hot chocolate of theirs I’ve seen since.
It is a Limited Edition, made with Swiss dark chocolate. If truth be told, when it comes to hot chocolate I think the stronger the flavour the better, so I was really excited to see this product.
The instructions suggested adding between three to four spoons of the cocoa to a mug, I chose four to give it that extra hit of chocolate. I placed the milk in the microwave and then added it to the powder I had measured. Thankfully it was easy to make, dissolving well and quickly with just a little stirring.

The flavour was wonderfully dark and really rich. The predominant taste is a lovely almost nutty cocoa, but it is strong and sharp and not that sweet. If you have a sweet tooth you may wish to add a little sugar, as the taste is surprisingly intense, think 70% chocolate. I have to say I loved this drink and its impressive taste. It shouldn’t be a Limited Edition, it should be the standard flavour from Twinings as the contents are spot on! I was only having the odd hot chocolate as the evenings have been so much warmer, but since buying this I have been treating myself to a mug most evenings.
If you are like me and feel that most hot chocolate are lacking an intense flavour, then this finally fills that niche on the supermarket shelves. Come on Twinings make this a permanent addition to your range, it’s too good to be temporary!
By Cinabar

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bob said...

If you're pining for this one but can't find it again, Green & Blacks has one very similar. It's a bit sweeter and not terribly cheap. (Natch.)