6 May 2011

Lindt Excellence Mild 70% Cocoa Chocolate (Sainsbury’s) [New UK Bar] [By @cinabar]

I find 70% cocoa chocolate can vary immensely. I have had bars with the same percentage ranging from very bitter to really quite sweet, but it isn’t often that a company has more than one bar at the same percentage.
Lindt have launched this new bar in conjunction with the regular Lindt 70% for those after a gentler flavour. I spotted from the ingredients list that it included a little vanilla too, and milder cocoa beans.
Unwrapping the bar, I discovered that the chocolate still looked dark and strong, but the aroma was very different to its stronger cousin. This bar had a lovely sweet chocolaty smell, with hints of caramel and brown sugar flavours. I broke a piece off and the chocolate’s texture was firm with a sharp snap.
The flavours were impressive, there were plenty of cocoa tones, but they were sweet, aromatic and flavoursome. The vanilla shone through too, giving the bar a very easy going edge and making the chocolate easy to eat. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although it was mild, it still managed to show off the cocoa and sweeter tones without comprising on flavour. There was no bitterness, and no sharp aftertaste just one smooth rich flavour. The beans they have chosen for the bar are absolutely perfect.
It was a very moreish bar, and well worth trying if you normally think 70% is too strong, because I think you will be impressed by the taste. My hats off to Lindt for offering up two very different 70% chocolate bars, and showing the diversity you can have while still maintaining the percentage.
I know a couple of people that eat the stronger chocolates for health reasons, and I think this bar will appeal to people like that who want to try the stronger chocolate but have found the other bars a little over powering.
By Cinabar


Ana said...

I've been seeing it for quite a while on the German Lindt website, but I never managed to find it. It's certainly a bar I have to try.

cinabar said...

Ana - I thought it was quite a clever bar, showing what a difference you can achieve in flavour with 70% cocoa chocolates. Loved the addition of the vanilla too.