24 May 2011

Mikado Clash [Pistachio] Biscuits (B&M Home Store) [By @Cinabar]

Mikado are Europe’s version of a favourite biscuit here at Foodstuff Finds, known around the rest of the world as Pocky. They consist of a thin biscuit stick, in a pretzel style and then have a coating of chocolate or a different flavour. Many import shops sell Pocky in its numerous forms, but if you are looking for a more easily accessible version, Mikado are stocked by many supermarkets and are a lot more easy to find. The only problem with Mikado is that it isn’t available in many flavours in the UK, as it is a bit of a new launch here.
When I was wondering around B&M Home Store I spotted the green box of Mikado on the shelf, and quickly realised that it wasn’t a flavour I had seen before. It seemed to be branded as ‘Clash’ and consists of both milk chocolate and pistachio. As nut choices go, pistachio is a bit of a curious one, but salted pistachios are a favourite snack of mine, and I do love my nuts and chocolate.
When I tasted the Mikado, the flavour really wasn’t what I was expecting at all. The biscuit sticks were really sweet, there was plenty of creamy milk chocolate but the other flavour wasn’t a woody nutty tone, it was more like sweet almond. I was actually convinced there must be some sort of marzipan listed in the ingredients, and was surprised when I found there wasn’t.
Marzipan isn’t a favourite substance of mine, and that really is what these biscuits tasted of. I wouldn’t say I didn’t like them, but I was more neutral to them than I was expecting. If you do like marzipan (and I know loads of people do) I think these will go down really well. If however you were looking for a chocolate / nut flavour combination, then these might just be a tad on the sweet side.
By Cinabar


Lot-O-Choc said...

Oh shame you didnt really like it all that much, i dont really like things that taste of marzipan either :(

cinabar said...

I know marzipan is really popular, especially in Europe, but it just isn't my cup of tea. These pocky has such a strong marzipan taste too.

CBA said...

Even though I'm not a fan of nuts and dried fruits, I tried this Mikado flavour earlier this year in France. It's not bad, actually, and reminded me of the pale green pistachio ice cream I used to eat when I was a kid.