8 May 2011

Kent Crisps: Oyster and Vinegar [@KentCrisps] [By @Cinabar]

A little while ago I read that Kent Crisps were launching an oyster flavour, and just knew I had to try them! Kent Crisps were lovely enough to send me a sample, because sadly they are a bit hard to find in the West Midlands.
Kent is known for its oysters, so if follows that this would make a nice unique idea for a crisp flavour based in Kent. I love unique ideas for flavours, but have to say I did fear these might be another excuse for a ‘prawn cocktail’ style crisp. I was reassured when they arrived though as the packet states that they contain ‘real oyster’ and they are clearly aiming for the higher end market.
The bag they are packaged in is lovely and bright, with a picture of a boat trying to paint the picture of the seaside and entice you in, and it certainly worked for me. I loved the taste of these crisps, there was a rich vinegar taste spicing them up and a lovely aftertaste of a fresh seafood flavour similar to white fish or scampi. They were quite different to anything I’ve tried before and make a clever alternative to regular Salt & Vinegar. The tastes were well balanced and really made you want to eat another, and another.
The texture of the crisps is spot on too as they are thick and crunchy, giving the potato base a strong enough taste to shine through. These crisps really did remind me of the seaside, and I loved the clever mix of flavours, I just really wish they were more obtainable in these parts as I assure you they deserve to be available far more widely.
By Cinabar


T said...

Perhaps the ingredients have changed over the years but this August 2016 bag of oyster and vinegar doesn't say that it contains 'real oyster'. Also tellingly, crustacean is not listed as an allergen - which it would have to be if it did contain oyster. Either way, these crisps are great.

cinabar said...

T - Just had a look at their website and it looks like you are right, the packaging has had the "contains real oyster" removed off the front which was there when we reviewed them in 2011 :-(