15 May 2011

Kubus - Banana & Kiwi Drink (Polish Grocers) [by @NLi10]

Within walking distance of my house is a little Polish grocer’s shop that sells all kinds of wonders. I forget which of these I've reviewed before but on a recent walk up to Cape Hill I picked up this lovely concoction. It's great to serve drinks guests that look like Shrek has had a particularly bad cold, and this one is even thicker and gloopier than the typical ones I buy.

The reason for this is that it's a little too heavy on the banana. Usually the kiwi & lime shine through in these green juice drinks but here it's much more like an innocent smoothie and less exciting for it. The texture and smell are really appetising and any first impressions people get from the appearance are quickly removed as it's just another evil looking, but nice tasting smoothie.

I did enjoy it and may explore the other flavours another day, but I think that bananas are best in ice cold drinks like milkshakes and apples are better for bulking out these fruit drinks.
by NLi10


Rodzilla said...

That looks pretty authentic, like if you just blended bananas and kiwis yourself. Are those the only two ingredients, or are there colorings and such?

NLi10 said...

I'm honestly not sure - it is pretty much just a variety of fruit but I'd never thought to question the greenness - will buy more and report back.