4 May 2011

Jaxx [Milk Chocolate, Double Chocolate & Orange Chocolate Crunches] [By @Cinabar]

Jaxx is a new brand of chocolate in the UK, and their Crunches chocolates are aimed at the tween/teen market. They consist of pebbles of biscuit coated in chocolate and are packaged in these brightly coloured bags. They are launching in three flavours – and I was lucky enough to be able to try all three. Despite being a tad older than a teenager, I was still rather looking forward to getting stuck in.

Milk Chocolate Crunches (Blue Bag)
This particular variety is the closest Jaxx comes to plain, and thankfully that still consists of plenty of chocolate in the mix. The biscuit is firm and crunchy when you first bite in, but soon melts in the mouth in a very pleasant fashion. The chocolate is sweet and creamy and the baked biscuit flavour makes a lovely contrast. I found these very easy to munch on, and really enjoyed the bag.

Double Chocolate Crunches (Red Bag)
These chocolates were very similar to the previous variety, but the biscuit within was also cocoa flavoured and this time a dark brown in colour. They were rich and tasty and provide a good crunch, but I found myself preferring the contrast in flavours in the previous bag.

Orange Chocolate Crunches (Orange Bag)
These are currently the only fruit flavour Crunches available, and they worked so well that I really hope Jaxx bring out some more innovative flavours. The biscuit has a lovely crunch, loads of chocolate taste and a sweet juicy hit of orange. They tasted fresh and moreish, and the citrus hit was absolutely perfect for summer. These were my favourite by far, and that’s remembering I had enjoyed the others too.

To be honest I think these chocolates much surpass their target audience, as I would be happy to pick these up for an afternoon snack in the office. The orange ones in particular were gorgeous and are definitely something I would want to try again.
The only negative point I have about these chocs is that the bags were awkward to open, tore and were not re-sealable. This meant that I simply had to eat all the contents once opened, but perhaps every cloud has a silver lining. ;-)
By Cinabar


Lot-O-Choc said...

Mm these look a yummy snack! Will have to look out for them on the shelves!

cinabar said...

Yes, I loved the orange ones. It is nice to see something new from a British confectionery firm too.