22 May 2011

Hit - Choc/Hazelnut & Choc/Vanilla [Biscuits] [by @NLi10]

Here at FSF we love Bahlsen and in my office the Hit wafer/biscuits were a massive success so when I saw these in the Polish grocers they had to be road tested. I took them in as normal and everyone was keen to try them out.

First up was the hazelnut variety - which when opened has an almost grey colour to the paste in the biscuits. The smell is a little artificial too, not as reminiscent of the actual nuts as I'd hoped. General consensus was a muted liking. I think that people enjoyed the new taste and were happy to eat them but just didn't seem that enthused. I really wasn't that keen - I only had about two before allowing free reign on them.

I'm much more keen on the vanilla variety, but again they just aren't as special as the originals. The flavours work a lot better than in the hazelnut version but I can't help thinking that I'd rather have the Oreo blend of flavours. The office seemed to agree with me but as we only opened these ones today I can't tell whether they are a total success. As we get through packets of the originals in a single session I guess these are a 2nd place.

I'm glad I picked these up as the layered biscuit is a classic and these almost wafer-like crumb marks them out as special. I'm not sure the flavours in this selection are as tailored to the English palate as the version you can get in Asda though, so will stick to those.
by NLi10


Lot-O-Choc said...

OOh ive never seen these before, i like the sound of them yum!

Ana said...

I love Bahlsen as well. I must agree, the cocoa ones are the best. The hazelnut biscuits are my least favourite ones.

NLi10 said...

I think we still have a few Hazelnut left, long after the vanilla ones have gone...

Original cocoa ones seem to be winning by miles!