26 May 2011

Pieminister - Mini Amigo Pie (Ocado) [by @NLi10]

Happy Vegetarian week UK readers!

To celebrate I'm finally getting around to reviewing this lovely pie I had a few weeks ago. You see most snacks are in fact vegetarian, but this was one I bought presuming that the 'Amigo' pie was a mini version of the beef 'Matador' pie I'd had before. As it turns out it's more of a bean based affair and suitable for vegetarians, but with no reduction in quality.

For this reason it got sidelined and eaten after the other pies (including the mini chicken one and the lamb one which I am yet to type up). Turns out though in typical PieMinister fashion it's actually really nice and looses nothing by not containing meat.

The pastry is amazing as always and was helped this time by having one of the starch labels on it still which is always cool. The insides were more evenly mixed than a normal PM pie as I think the ingredients blended a bit so there was just one nice flavour throughout. The chilli was present but not oppressive and the size was more filling than I'd expected.

I couldn't see these in Waitrose on one of my rare 'posh shops' (even though if you are careful they are the same price as other places I still find myself exploring and buying loads of great review stock) so haven't been able to take them in for lunches, but will keep a look out.
By NLi10

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