17 May 2011

Dairy Milk Bliss [Scrumptious Toffee / Irresistible Hazelnut / Dreamy Chocolate Truffle] [By @Cinabar]

September last year Dairy Milk released their first Bliss bar, with a creamy vanilla filling. These bars are part of the same Bliss sub-branding, and again each is filled with a smooth filling. The bars are larger in format though, and very smartly presented with a cardboard box to protect them. My Vanilla Bliss bar from last year was sent through the post, and sadly got a little squished due to its delicate nature, but that wouldn’t happen to these. Inside the box the bars are sealed in posh gold coloured foil, adding to the luxury feel. The bars are lovely and chunky, each piece is large with a decent amount of filling and there are ten of them per bar. The coating of chocolate is that of classic Dairy Milk, and there are three varieties of centres, and I was very keen to get stuck in.

Scrumptious Toffee
This bar was wonderfully sweet. It may be a little sweet for some, but I have a good tolerance of such things and felt it was spot on for me. The centre is smooth in texture, soft and like satin, but the flavour is rich and tasty. Think burnt caramel and brown sugar, blending with the chocolate coating. My first word after eating a chunk was simply “wow”, it is a fab bar and although sweet and rich the indulgent toffee flavour makes it lovely and moreish.

Irresistible Hazelnut
I do really love nuts and chocolate as a combination, so it will be no surprise that I also really liked this bar. If you like the texture of nuts you might be disappointed as this is made with hazelnut paste to achieve the same smooth filling as the other bars. The flavour is not too strong, it just adds a delicate aftertaste of nuts and a good hit of silky chocolate. It is another very easy eating bar, and again I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Dreamy Chocolate Truffle
Last up is the chocolate truffle variety. I have to say as a Milka fan, this did seem to be a Dairy Milk version of a Milka Cream bar, not a bad thing as that Milka bar is one of my favourites. The centre of this bar has a flavour of chocolate that is just a notch more intense than Dairy Milk and adds a slightly stronger cocoa flavour, it blends well with the main chocolate and gives the whole bar a rich chocolate hit. The texture of the filling is that of an ultra smooth truffle, and the bar really did just melt chocolate goodness on the palate, another fantastic bar!

I felt that the Scrumptious Toffee variety was my favourite, as it has such sweet moreish toffee tones. Spectre really enjoyed that bar too, but he felt his favourite was the Dreamy Chocolate Truffle because it was a purer flavour and very smooth.
In summary all these bars are worthy of being someone’s favourite, and its lovely to see the Bliss range expanding, as they are perfect for a bit of luxury indulgence.
By Cinabar


Lot-O-Choc said...

Ive tried the hazelnut and the toffee so far, still need to get my hands on the chocolate truffle. I found the toffee for my taste buds unfortunately :( not for me.

cinabar said...

Yes, I know some people aren't keen on the toffee because it is sweet, but I liked that about it. Let me know what you think of the truffle when you find it.

Chocolate Lover said...

Don't try to give one of these to Naomi Campbell!!!

nafisha hall said...

that was not a racest comment what they were trying to say was that her complextion was as smooth and pretty.

cinabar said...

It wasn't meant to be offensive, and they did apologise when they realised Naomi thought it was.