3 May 2011

Tyrrells: English Summer Barbecue [Crisps] (Waitrose)

I’m not sure what magic Tyrells have performed but on this packet but it states that their crisps help ‘coax out the sun’ and it seems to have worked! It’s been lovely weather here in the West Midlands for the series of bank holidays we’ve been having, and has very much put me in the barbecue mood.
This is Tyrrells Summer Special Edition of crisps, and they too are thinking about that great seasonal cooking treat. Being an omnivore, the idea of barbecue flavour crisps filled me with the thoughts of bacon, sausage and various other char-grilled goodies. Curiously though the crisp packet didn’t seem to mention any specific meats or foods and seemed to be a generic ‘barbecue’ flavour.
I’d like to start with the negatives about these crisps; they didn’t have a taste that I felt particularly represented the barbecue flavour. I suspected that they wouldn’t be very meaty, and this was true. There also wasn’t a char-grilled flavour, or smokiness, or even anything like a barbecue sauce.
Having said that I have to say I still really liked these crisps. The potato base was nice, thick and flavoursome. The have a firm crunch, and are perfect for a large sharing bowl. Despite not representing ‘barbecue’ to me, what they did have was a rich sweet paprika taste, and an aftertaste of chilli providing a gentle kick. The spicy flavours made them tasty and moreish and I will happily buy them again. I just think they are more appropriate to take to a barbecue rather than to represent the barbecue taste.
By Cinabar

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