28 May 2011

Wonka Bottle Caps (USA / Import Shops) [By @SpectreUK]

These sweets come in quite a big colourful 170g box that you need super strong finger nails to get into, or a sharp knife and a deep breath to avoid cutting your hand open. The box is just over half full of these sweets which come in a range of colours. They are very hard centimetre round sweets with a bottle cap design embossed on one side of each sweet. The sweets are the same make up of Refreshers and I would love to try the cola sweets in a cola bottle, but I taste tested these at work and I didn’t think my colleagues would like me making a fizzy drink explode in the centre of the office. Well you never know….

Rootbeer flavour

Yak! These are a khaki colour. They taste like rootbeer, which to me tastes like dentist’s mouthwash. Not nice and I just couldn’t get rid of the taste for ages.

Cola flavour

These sweets are medium brown in colour. I still couldn’t seem to get rid of the horrid dentist’s mouthwash taste from my mouth; the cola taste was very mild and made no impact on my taste buds. I had to really wash my mouth out to get even a hint of cola and then I bit the inside of my mouth trying to bite through the hard sweet.

Cherry flavour

There was quite a heavy cherry hit from these pinkish sweets that reminded me of cherry flavour in Double Dip. My colleague sitting next to me hates cherry flavouring also, but likes actual cherries. He made the mistake of trying one of these and his face screwed up to the size of a pinhead! LOL

Grape flavour

These sweets are bluish purple. They didn’t really taste like a grape to me, rather what someone in a lab thought a grape might taste like having never eaten one.

Orange flavour

The orange flavour was unsurprisingly orange coloured. These have a mild orange sweet flavouring taste that’s not altogether unpleasant, but certainly not moreish either.

I tried these on two of my colleagues and neither liked the sweets, one described them as travel sickness pills mixed with Refreshers. He took them back for his own child as we agreed she’d probably enjoy them more than we did. Well, you never know, kids can be weird.
By Spectre


clairestelle said...

Have you tried and tested any of the other Wonka sweets and chocolate? I tried a Caramel delsicious bar yesterday and was deply unimpressed.Quite tasteless - a bit like a low fat Boots caramel and crispy bar - very disappointing :(

Paulham said...

Root Beer FTW!
Tried these in US recently, pretty good I thought.

cinabar said...

claire - i have tried some of the other wonka products, but mainly their sweets, Fun Dips etc which are suitably sugary!

Paulham - rootbeer is the marmite of the drinks world!