1 May 2011

Innocent Apple & Orange Juice (Ocado) [by @NLi10]

Hiding at the end of a cereal review I mentioned the Innocent orange juice and said that it was just orange juice and nothing more or less. This is accurate.

As Ocado (yes - expect pie reviews soon) had this on Special Offer I decided to get one of each just as something to drink and not particularly to review. With the orange this is still the case, it's just orange juice - doesn't taste like freshly squeezed on the premises in a Spanish cafe orange juice, but it's as good as you'd get at home.

The apple juice however is a little more special. I'm not sure what they do to carton Apple juice that makes it no-longer look like it's related to apples. The clear golden-brown liquid (drunk by the residents of the Queen Vic & Rovers Return and other TV pubs instead of beer) is nice and tastes of apples, but is usually highly concentrated and doesn't really get your mouth watering.

Just like cider can be bettered by finding nicer, higher class brands - apple juice varies in quality. This is surprising in its quality as it's really nice! It's not got a complicated flavour like all the Bensons Totally Fruity that I love, but it's a lot cheaper and easier to get hold of and equally nice in different ways. I drank this in two sittings and could happily have swapped the orange for a 2nd bottle. I have a tendency to grab an innocent smoothie from Tesco to sneak into the cinema instead of relying on their sugar water dispensing machines, but I think that this juice is a very good alternative.

For those times where you want lots of juice (or those films which don't require the special-effects enhancing qualities of caffeine) then this is a new go-to product for me.
By NLi10

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Mefinx said...

I agree, they've done a terrific job with these juices, and they're easy to get hold of at a great price. I like the solid carafe-style bottles, too.