5 May 2011

Weight Watchers Vanilla & Chocolate Ice cream Waves (Asda) [By @Cinabar]

I couldn’t help but think that this dessert reminded me of Viennetta ice cream. It’s not a bad thing, I have a retro love of Viennetta but I also get calorie guilt straight after eating some! I know it’s wrong but I always have more than the recommended serving, their slices always look SO small!
Weight Watchers have created a lower fat ice cream cake that looks lovely but it far lower in calories than you might expect. Inside the box there are two desserts, which I assume are one per person. I say this because I had a whole one to myself, as they aren’t that big, the photo shows them on small side plates – not dinner plates! ;-)

The ice cream cake is very pretty with white vanilla ice cream waved through it and a chocolate coating. Sadly there seems to be only two places with layers of chocolate, the very top and another inside towards the bottom, so there isn’t actually that much to crunch through, but there is enough for it to add flavour and look pretty.
The ice cream is remarkably light and fluffy in texture, making it a pleasure to eat, and still has a good creamy taste too and nice hint of vanilla. I guess the waves within the dessert give it that extra bit of fluffiness and help keep it aerated. This makes it feel indulgent, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the dessert. I was impressed by the fact that each serving has only 111 calories, and these are something I will be keeping in the freezer as a lighter but yummy alternative to a naughtier pudding.
By Cinabar


Ana said...

The picture grabbed my eye before the title did. And my first thought was "a new Viennetta?!?" :)

cinabar said...

Yes - they are very similar in appearance, but smaller... and lower fat! Really tasty though :-)