2 May 2011

Twix Miniatures & Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocos [New UK Chocolate] [By @Cinabar]

As product development goes, these two items are a bit of sure thing. They are not made using a particularly risky Limited Edition recipe, but keep to a basic formula, repackaged and reshaped in a slightly different way. Having said that I really like both Dairy Milk and Twix, so shouldn’t really complain.

Twix Miniatures
When I wrote about KitKat Pop Chocs, somebody at work said to me that they really ought to make a Twix version. Clearly Mars where listening, as this have since appeared on the supermarket shelves.
The bag consists of miniature Twix bars, each individually wrapped and in a bag ideal for sharing. The ratio of caramel to biscuit is consistent and it does seem to be a Twix shrunk down and shortened. The chocolate is sweet as you would expect, the caramel is soft and the biscuit adds that golden flavour. The combination really does work, and Twix fans will absolutely love these. As much as I liked them too, I can’t help but wish Twix would try out a more innovative formula in the UK, something like the Pods they launched in Australia.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocos
Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is already available in many different sizes in the UK market, from small thin bars right up to 5kg bars! This is quite different though as it makes the chunks a lot easier to share, or indeed have a few and put the rest away for later. Unwrapping the tube I found the contents to look much like solid Rolos, each with the Cadbury’s “C” neatly moulded in to the top of each piece. I don’t really want to start reviewing Dairy Milk, but I think it is enough to say that I really enjoy the flavour finding it sweet, creamy and indulgent.
I munched on these while watching a film, and found them easy to pass around and enjoy. Again these are not the most inventive new product in terms of taste, but are certainly a winner for Cadbury’s fans and it is nice the see the chocolate in a new format.
By Cinabar


  1. Don't all the Chocos stick together?

  2. They seemed to be fine - but I wouldn't like to vouch for them if they had been in a pocket on a warm summer's day...

  3. They've had the Twix miniatures in the poundshops for ages and I'm not sure if it's just m but they often taste a bit stale. What I'm waiting for is a pack of mini Cadburys Twirls (never enough in abox of Heroes)and while we're at it a pack of Cadburys mini mint chips (like they used to have in those pick and mix selectin boxes - yum!

  4. Miniature Twirls would be fab - I'd buy a bag of them! :-)

    What are those Cadburys Mini Mint Chips you talked about? I googled - but couldn't find much on them?

  5. Interesting new snack products, don't know why but the chocos remind me a bit of toffees, weird to think they are just solid chocolate.

  6. Yes - they reminded me of Rolos , it is an unusual format for a solid chocolate.

  7. http://www.moodiereport.com/document.php?c_id=37&doc_id=11967

    This is the only link I can find that shows what I mean although they didn't come like this. It was a pick and mix box with mini turkish, whole nut, fruit and nut, caramel and mint chip.

  8. oh my, they look gorgeous. I love mint choc - really wish I'd found these.
    Searching for them I did find a mint Cadbury's Bubbly bar at Cybercandy - which I may have to pick up... ;-)

  9. I got my hand one of the big, Halloween variety packs at a Costco in Orlando, Florida, consisting of the miniature Twix bars (and a whole lot of the other great treats!) and I can certainly say without hesitation that they're great! Exactly like its originally-sized counterpart!


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