9 May 2011

Galaxy Chocolate Caramel Bites (Nisa) [By @Cinabar]

I know Galaxy chocolate has that standard brown packaging, but even so I couldn’t help thinking the bag for this new product was a little lacklustre. I think the bag being mostly matt brown and having no bright colour on it made it feel like it was missing something to jazz it up. Still the packaging is only a small part of the product, and at least its usual colour scheme will make it easy to spot for Galaxy fans
This new chocolate consists of a ball of caramel coated in Galaxy chocolate. The caramel is quite soft, but not liquid or oozing in anyway, this means they aren’t dangerous to eat! The flavour is rich, and reminiscent of brown sugar. It doesn’t have the buttery flavour of some caramels, but if you like the flavour of the Galaxy Caramels in Celebrations, you will know what to expect! The chocolate has a decent coating and the rich and ultra smooth flavours of Galaxy shine through.
Now there might not be anything new in concept in this bag, and you could even say that this product is another example of ‘caramel thinking’ but what it does it does well. The flavours work, and the bag was far too easy to munch through, which is always a good sign! What it lacks in innovation it more than makes up for by doing what is says on the tin (or in this case brown bag).
By Cinabar


clairestelle said...

I must admit I was a bit disappointed by these. I had been expecting a more liquidy caramel and these were more chewy rolo-like but I managed to eat them purely for thorough research purposes of course....:)

Lot-O-Choc said...

Ive seen these lurking around the shops just recently, would be interested to see what they have to offer.

cinabar said...

They do what they say, and are nice. But they aren't ground breaking, and not they don't burst a liquid buttery/salty caramel - sadly.
They are still worth a try, and its easy to finish the bag, but I wasn't excited about the concept of a re-purchase.