31 May 2011

Cadbury Flake Allure (Selfridges) [By @Cinabar]

It has to be noted that there has been more than a few new additions to the Cadbury’s range in recent months, and it is something that we at Foodstuff Finds are always pleased about. This new Flake is partially dipped in truffle and then dipped in Dairy Milk for extra chocolaty goodness. The bar is called Allure, so they are clearly aiming for an indulgent chocolate experience.
I liked the packaging of the bar, the brown tips on the wrapper with the gold detail distinguished it from its original variety and looked elegant but not overly feminine.

I ripped open the wrapper in a suitably decadent fashion to reveal the bar. The top of the chocolate looked like a regular flake but the other sides were coated in a layer of chocolate. You might think this would decrease the crumbling, but I can assure you I still managed to get chocolate everywhere, and the bar lived up to its slogan “the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate”.
Although there was quite a build up to this new bar, I couldn’t help but think it was lacking a bit of innovation. The truffle, being milk chocolate flavoured, didn’t seem to make much difference to the experience. The bar felt a little smoother, and extra chocolate is always a good thing but there wasn’t any additional flavour of note, and the texture is already quite complex and as such concealed the additional layers. Now if this was my first ever experience of a Flake bar, I think I would have absolutely loved it, as the chocolate is just so wonderfully light and crumbly and the whole bar is a total pleasure to eat. However this is a new variety, and as such I’m not sure that there is enough within its make up to differentiate it from the ‘original’ variety. I’m just having a few problems trying to work out what the truffle added, as both its taste and texture were quite subtle.
I like Flake bars, so I liked this bar too. There really is nothing to dislike, just loads of creamy sweet light chocolate layers. It’s just considering it is a new edition I would have preferred something a bit more significantly different from the original recipe. How about a fruit flavour or even a hint of mint? What would your dream Flake edition be? I’m thinking Flake Strawberry would top my wish list!
By Cinabar


  1. It seems quite similar to the flake dipped they did quite a while ago, still be interested to try it though. I used to have a thing for the Snowflake they did, loved that!

  2. Oh yes, Snowflake was ace - I remember getting an Easter Egg version of that - and it was ace... mmm...

  3. Isn't this pretty much the exact same as the Flake Praline?! (which is still around!)


    It'd be interesting to do a taste comparison. The Praline is lovely, and actually sounds slightly better than the Allure.

  4. My favourite Flake would be a Dark Ripple.
    Go Figure...

  5. My ideal would be a rum truffle flake, I think. Nom nom! Or a flake with some coffee flavoured vibe going on!

  6. Linz - it ois similar but it is missing the nutty taste.

    Paulham / Anon - How about dark coffee flake... mmmm... me want!

  7. Coffee and choc are a no-no for me.
    How about...a dark chocolate Ripple with some Galaxy caramel running through the middle of it?


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